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.Friday, 17 October 2008 ' 07:56

Ahh! isn't it time i decided to write? well the day was AWESOME! i thought, omg!! GEOGRAPHy!! I CAN FINALLY SEE MR VLACHOS AGAIN!! Most people like him in the school, well he teaches they like him. BUT some girl was like:

Girl: You like him dont you?
Me: Yehh, duhh
Girl: hes getting married -goes-

at that moment i was like, WTF?1 NO WAY!!!! and i said to him. sir are you getting MARRIED? and hes like, yes i am. To some bitch called anna.

When everyone settled, he said to give the books out and he chose me and gabby. I forgotten most thing that time and just done it happily since he was like

"lauren & gabrielle, please give out the books please"

i was gonna have a heart attack!! After a while, he went out and came back saying

"hello my favorites -looks at me-"

OMG!! I WAS GOING TO DIE!! and thats the end of laurens crazy teacher love story.. LMAO! like the name? and pshh, hes not going to be back until 2 weeks after half term! HES GOING ON HONEYMOON!

oh yeah, he cycles to school but hes rich? i yelled out in class:

"SIR! ARE YOU POOR?" >>lauren
"am i poor?" >>mr vlachos
and the class laughs crazily. lol


Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby

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