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.Tuesday, 7 October 2008 ' 08:04

Ahhh i finally got onto facebook! isn't it time it worked? It didn't last night.. so annoying!
Anyways, i was reading the star magazine that came out yesterday.. OH MY GOSH! there is 7 pages less than last issue!! What a bump, 99p for that.. grrr

Anyways at school it was boring some more homework.
Oh yeah on saturday i went shopping ill show the pictures now because fiona wants to look at the original picture of me and my hello kitty bear.
Ahh me and HK im so short there haha
HK on its own.. and the other hk teddys below the shelf haha
that lollipop was HEAVY!! and i look weird.. look at the woman behind me LOL!
Ahh sweety section
Lolliopop, i ripped it's head off so looks wierdish
Ahh isnt that so pretty?
Its a fan... i bought that!!!
BUBBLE BATH!!!! Its pink, so pretty
And the bubble bath thing again.

And another one haha
Ahh, sweety jars!!!
And more crystals
HELLO KITTY!! again.. haha
Ahh a teddy with bubble bath :p i bought that
It was a teddy in a bath tub with a set of bubble bath haha
Ahh champagne!!

BUDWEISER!! MY FAVOURITE!! its so hawtt lol

Pretty.. its in the bra section! LOOOOL!

AND A BONUS!!!!!!!

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