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.Monday, 27 October 2008 ' 13:41

Time for some more fantasy. If you don't know what i mean then, duhh when i go crazy over:

+Bae Seul Gi
+Ye Eun
+Big Bang
+CSJH The Grace {My Everything}

Okays lets start from the hugest fandom for the recent week.

Hmm, loads of stuff done today.
So lets start, i download various videos. {finally}

+[20081026] DBSK Inkigayo - Mirotic
+[20081026] KBS Entertainment News - Korea China Concert[20081026] KBS Entertainment News - Korea China Concert
+[20081026] JAEJOONG &JUNSU 10th Korea-China Popular Songs - Ending Song[20081026] JAEJOONG &JUNSU 10th Korea-China Popular Songs - Ending Song
+[20081026] 10th Korea-China Popular Songs - HEY![20081026] 10th Korea-China Popular Songs - HEY!
+[20081026] 10th Korea-China Popular Songs - Mirotic[20081026] 10th Korea-China Popular Songs - Mirotic
+[20081026] DBSK Inkigayo - Mutizen Win[20081026] DBSK Inkigayo - Mutizen Win
+[Taiwan] 081025- aziotv - SM TOWN (SEOUL)

What else? Oh yeahh, i went crazy and i mean crazy over yoosu today. omg, there is soo much connection between then like yunjae, but i like it.. LOL!
I'll share the pictures after.. a while>>>

Over than that i'll share something else. I FINALLY GOT TO THE PART WHERE I FOUND FAMILY OUTING JUN&YUN episode with proper subtitles. I'll watch it then.. SHARE! Not the link of course, but the synopsis of it. ROFL!
But wait, stupid & also gay at the same time clubbox is annoying, it's all korean so it's hard to download as well! Now i've got everything done. It's started to download, finally! Omgee, took me around 30 minutes trying to download that gay thing! And it's ONLY going to last me less than 1 hour & 30 minutes. gay.
And it's only 1% right now. So yeah it's 930,893,824B. I don't see why it wouldn't take long to download. LMAO! But i don't know i f i can watch it later... but whatever LMAO! Doesn't matter right now.

Bae Seul Gi:
Basically nothing much but i got so obsessed with her songs again. Like sexy boy, it's groove {ft. crown j} and ride with me {lol, AGAIN}

Tomboy is STILL stuck in my head.
And her cute outfits to go with it are <3>One of my fave outfits for this song. & It does seem liek she's lyp synching but, i choose not to believe that because i know she's awesome live.

Oh yeahh. Heres the ones with most of her tomboy performances. gahh can't get enough of her & her awesome outfits. Oh yeah the first perf, was the best {the one with goofy glasses}
What more to say about this girl? There are obviously more perfs on this song, but i suppose those were the many. Dont you think that the dance is so cute yet sort of childish {the chorus}
And it is pretty unlikely to see fancams but heres one:

I seriously, went crazy with all these videos.
AND MY FAVOURITE RECENTLY!! one by one, two by two... -sings-

Admit it girls, she's cute in her outfit. and i know shes not lip synching, she's holding a mic. and if you listen to the mp3 then you'd know, she's a little... off, lol.
What else? I got this urge to make a seul gi tribute. To all her fans because she's got a big fan base in china for sure & obviously in korea as well.
Also in her performances, do you see her showing her tum tum to people? -coughsnsdcough- i mean. she's got her talent's she doesn't show off what she has. What makes her so lovable. I sound so gerrr here.
I was watching another video, and i really think she's underrated i mean. look at wonder girls & snsd, they aren't underrated because they are in a much more known company. sO YEAH, SHE'S LIEK SUNNY. SO LONELY, DANG I NEED TO KNOW HER DAUM LINK. GIVE ME IT!!
Anyways, i went back to my jaegi fandom world again. And i watched a fanmade trailer featuring TOP, JAEJOONG {duhhh} and SEUL GI.

"Boyy, TOP went bloopers. -laugh- this video makes me laugh replay it replay it"~ Chrissie
"-laugh crazily- TOP! oh my od, he's so hot & hilarious. Get over it, jaegi is better than baeop."~ Lauren

OMG! The beginning is so so so so so cute.!

OMG! Her english is so good for someone who was brought up in korea. Reminds me of BoA's eat you up now, but then i think. I'd take back what i said to christine:
"i think boa's got best english among those brought up in korea."
She has this accent though. But it was really good for me. good enough. She has those type of awesome vocals, its like.. not very strong but then you just can hear in between the high notes are hit. Not to mention, she looks cute with the hairstyle but that little amount of make up can make her pretty even the fact she doesn't even need it. Defiantly need to favourite this performance. Thats a lot of her perfs in my youtube favourites.

Wahh! not much to spazz around for sunny recently!! But factory girl. She's AWESOME!

Watch out for her aeygo overload! Just fasto forward if you don't want to listen to the old man or the girls singing. Just watch sunny's aeygo OVERLOAD! She even made the guy forget his lyrics. And you can tell, taeyeon laughed along with hyoyeon, and sunny seemed.. proud of it LMAO!WATCH AT 3.20!!!!!!
I also MUST admit, i really liek jessica's vocals in this one!
But now lets zoom back to 2007 MKMF AWARDS!! Big Bang lies performance you can see sunny fangirling at taeyang LOL! Even see younha enjoying herself so much shes liek 'am so sorry but i love you...'

SUNNY"-whisper- Wheres taeyang?"
SUNNY"-happy- kicks legs -fangirling-"


You will see it somewhat after a while. looks like she's laughing @ him but whatever, and lee seung gi gets caught 'frowning' LMFAO! he looks so blechh there.



Credits: Sosiz + as tagged

AND MORE!!! CHUNJI STUFF! Cant get enough of her times. she can fly (????)

On star golden bell 'snsd special'
i love when the guy is saying to jaedong "jaedong-ah, youre a real mc" because he was helping snsd cheat in the game LMAO!

ANYWAYS! How nice would it be to have her as a pet?

drag her around

If she throws tantrums, bribe her with something:

She is aeygo overload!!

Takes cnady

Goes to school happily

rub her head and she'll let you do so

BONUS... shes just cute

and shes SHORT! lol.


Sunny bunny? more like puppy:

Listen from 1.56-2.36 {about her aeygo}. then go on from 2.56-3.09 {about taeyeon raising her like a puppy lMAO!}

credit: as tagged + naver + bug + gorjess for below:






credit: sosiz for gifs

always stealing the attention.. LMAO! Reminds me of jae, always the attention seeker of the group. BUT IN THE GOOD WAY.
credit: as tagged + naver

Thats enough of sunnyism now LMAO! still need to continue this longg-ass post.
Sunny cries at a show, i need to watch it, how dare the producer let her cry?

credit sosiz

Ye Eun
LOADS TO SPAZZ ABOUT YE EUN UNNIE!!!!! Her vocals are shivvering. they are that good, only junsu's make me shiver.

Do you remember the first time we met
you said my name with all your strength
It was the first time I ever felt such a warm feeling
oh, I thought I could die happy

With one little smile, with one little expression, you said you were happy
with my good-for-nothing singing you said you lived another day again

You are so wonderful to me~

You held me
when I fainted
when I broke down
You gave me the strength and courage to stand up again
you gave this wonderful love to me
I know these words are not enough but, I want to thank you

You are so wonderful to me~

Sometimes you made me laugh
sometimes I would cry because I was so moved
I have not given you anything
you were just thankful that I was born
I was always the one who took
but you would always say sorry

You are so wonderful to me~

I could not believe it at first
because I was afraid I would be left alone
so I tried to stay distant from you
But you gave me strong faith to believe
you were always there for me

My love, You are so wonderful to me~

Now, I am not going to quit
I won't runaway
I'll show you that your trust in me doesn't go wasted
You make me stronger than anyone else

Now I will try to make you smile
My love~
You are the best present of my life
to me you are the best present

You are so wonderful
you and you and you
You are so wonderful
I never met before
You are so wonderful to me

My wonderful~~ ye eun icons. all credits here...:


This performance is so awesome,addicted to the song. starting to feel a little fangirling-ism when stephanie sings.
In the MV, kibum {suju} & yoonA {WTF! SPOILED IT!! snsd}
You are my oh, my everything -sings-

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