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.Friday, 3 October 2008 ' 08:09

Finally got something to edit... Well as its known i didn't make this layout, lol. I never said i did (!!) but i did add more of my own 'html knowledge'
I finally decided to do the relinking stuff, finally! And just a new link to share litting-design
Did i spell it wrong? oh well
 Over than that ill share what i need to say now haha

Friday 26th September:  Im not sure i remember what happened on that day... lol

Saturday 27th September:  I went to katrina's house and stayed over there for the night, it was actually a party.. so yeah obviously i was too lazy to come home at like 4am in the morning.  Oh yeah, Chinese school was boring as well. Nothing happened, except i decided to scare some little girl but i failed.. Because katrina got to it before me. She was like
-runs away-
Its in the way of katrina, girl, katrina, girl and in-between that teeny conversation me and sindy & carina laughed at the girls english pronunciation. She is mix-race :Chinese-english: LOL! its a mix so yeah and she was really cute and pretty. After chinese was woodgreen [shopping] and basically shopped our butts of with nazln, nujil, tazlin, katrina, stephanie, maria and me.. We bought so much jewelry and skipped KFC!!

Sunday 28th September: Ahh, what a peaceful day, i came home and i slept until 1pm and ate dinner.. Bathed then done homework, other stuff and slept.

Monday 29th September: Well monday? what happened, oh yeah it was school! I had double p.e in the morning, volleyball i earned a couple of bruises during that time. haha. In the second half of the lesson, some of us went to get our injections to prevent camera. 
Hilarious Conversation:

Yuan: Im scared
Teacher: Its not scary, many people came out smiling
Yuan: Well i wont they are because 'OH YAY! IM NOT GOING TO GET VAGINA CANCER!"
Nadia, teacher, me, phoebe, carina, lin, betul, dillan, eden, belita, madina, sidney: -laugh-

My injection was hurting for 3 days.. thursday wasnt as bad

Tuesday 30th September: Arm still hurt, had double technology and english which was so awesome. lol done 3 experiments in science.. or was it more? cant remember stuff from 3 days ago well, i remember things from long time ago though.

Wednesday 1st October: Arm was still hurting, someone went 'pinch punch first of the month' to me and it hurt a lot. Had double science and we done 6 experiments for heat stuff.. boooring then double art. we have a new teacher and he is shit!! Also had music, we have to do some singing thing.. i didnt want to sing, neither did anyone else..

Thursday 2nd October: Hmm what happened? Yeahh arm didnt hurt much, got letter for jeans for jeans day for friday.I got sent out in history for the 8th time this months, yes this month october and not septembe. World record!! Yahoo! Not really.. oh look yahoo! haha. Had double english and had the dorkiest conversation ever

Lauren: Can i rape you?
Georgia: No you cannot
Lauren: Okay, bye bye

Its not funny when reading, if you heard it.. it was really funny

Friday 3rd October: Finall, the long awaited day! haha.. anyways, nothing happened except we got into huge trouble with maths teacher gay mr munmim. And we had to do georgraphy with Mr VlaCHOW HAHA! Double science again. we had jeans for jeans day, so non school uniforms. I wore: Yellow long top, pumps, tights, long jeans, waistcoat, scarf [fashion ones], cardigan and jack and as for make up it was simple: Eyeliner [thick], black eyeshadow[not much], lipgloss and for my hair it was a cute hairstyle: Quiff with 3 clips been hairsprayed down with tresemme, two little buns at the side of my head with 2 strips of curly hair coming out
Wasnt it sweet?

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