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.Monday, 6 October 2008 ' 08:08

Hey again.. lol! Well actually when i types hey i jumped because my phone was so loud and it was notifying me low battery.. loads tune!! Anyways updates?

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♥TVB Loving Memories
♥Sizzy Never Gone

Okays and as for school updates:
> Composed Lyrics For Music <
> Start of maths the fire alarm went off and at the end had 10 minutes of maths so we played games -coughpacmancough- <
> In art we had to bring in our magazines and i sacrificed my new issue of heat and star mag for my art homework! I didnt even get to read it yet, but then miss said she didn't need it, it was for sir and not miss <
> In ICT well stupid teacher made us design webpages.. that means 'html coding' I DONT WANT TO!!!!!!! He was taking about '<> <> <>' as if i didn't know those codes! Apparently no one in my class does 'nods' <
> In P.E we had one lesson spent 15 minutes getting dress -wow!- then spent 10 minutes in class talking -cougnotmecough- then we had 10 minutes of actual learning -coughmoretalkingcough- and then for the next 10 minutes miss was scowling at us like crazy. After we had 5 minutes to get dressed for next lesson -phew- <
> Last was english, we didnt bother to present our work because we had no touch of doing it. And plus, barely anyone was interested or even prepared, even when i said i'll go first to present my advert with casey mrs hurrell was like "No lauren, you are the only ones that bothered to sort themselves out so i wont let you do it" Miss, that just makes it worse <

So yeah my day passed like that.. lol not much homework, oh dang i have to work with Mr VlahCHOS tomorrow. 

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