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.Thursday, 2 October 2008 ' 09:31

Lazy chicken piggy is back to post.. lol random isn't it?
Not very much updates, well ill be back to edit with my new icons/banners...
But i didn't bother to even colour them or decorate them
So i just cropped them.. and sorted
I used pure photos, well 'new photos' haha..
Its all tvxq.. and i'm using tvqx because that its the chinese way
and its well known that i am chinese if you don't know then
'gets boxing gloves out'

Heres the one thats put.. on crunchyroll?
I like it, because the other pictures were like..
All mean looking only that one was the one
where they all.. smiled (?)
And yeah i got to speak with fiona a lot this week, practically everyday (?!)
And as for polly and julie, nope, didn't see them online
And for christine.. offline messages since she comes on when its like 3am in england!
And i counted: i made 11 spelling errors.. oops
Notifications: 22
Frightening, i wont be going on until i think.. monday
Can you see the banner? no credits 0n it.. LOL! 
it doesn't seem like i made it either, not in my style.
Anyways, i was browsing and i noticed i did make other icons and banner
But i didn't finish them (?)
Im guessing from when i was going to upload them a couple seconds ago
A Bae Seul Gi... removing tag then blend
And 3 sunny icons...
Im sure i saw a sunny banner, what else.. oh yeah some yunho & junsu thing..
-bad memory- thats four spelling errors from last time i counted.. haha!
Oh yeah, the sunny banner wasn't finished but i'll still show you.. haha
Thats it.. no wait if i scroll up, im sure i see bae seul gi there... -searches-
Ahh, i deleted it? I Cant seem to find it.. -cries-
Oh wait, i see it now.. its .psd no wonder why!!

I done it, well there was two as well.. lol
Anyways ill do that later, here are some others that i did:
Wooyoung @ 2PM:
Christine's English homework backround..
Now for the BSG stuff haha..
This is definitely a long post, with barely any writing
And i want you all to know this, the BSG blend thingy.. was only for removing tags.. haha

And to see if you looked.. vote please? haha its there. >>
well not exactly. It more, high up.. and the colour EWW!
Anyways, i didnt put credit on my work..  
I didnt steal and say its mine.. so i'll credit for everything NOW!

Credits: Asian Fanatics Star Avenue + Soshified + Google Images + Soompi + 2PM Fever + Paint Pops + DaFont + DeviantART + itvxq.net

I cant remember most of it, so if anything above you see is yours, please leave me a message in my tagboard and ill edit with credits...

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