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.Monday, 10 November 2008 ' 09:36

Woot, i just noticed i had 1200+ views. stalkers LMAO!
And i don't even check my blog 3 times in a week LMAO!
Anyways back on topic.

Update myself & you on my bookmarks updating blah blah:


+Uploaded Pi Li MIT Episode 1 Part 1-8 Chinese Subs.
+1244 Channel Views
+134 Favorites
+14 Subscriptions
+155 Channel Comments
+++37 Suscribers
+Edited Channel

Big Bang Korean:

+Love Concert. (BigBangShinKi News) Went BLOOPERS over it.

SJ Sweety:

+Joined SJ Sweety First Project / Secret Santa
+Talked on the Cbox for a while :p


+I own page 15 of Soshified HongKong-ers
+Spammed the BoA Thread
+Watched Factory Girl / Downloaded
+Downloaded Sunny Fancams


+Posted a few comments (thank you so much etc)
+Downloaded Videos


+Snagged a few icons from the community, credit !! i DID!


+WOOT! Went crazy on this place!! Got my name on the list (Lauren. Great Britain: London)
+Junsu & Changmin having a new song in the mirotic version c (december 4) and its with ryeowook and kyuhyun!! OMG! MORE DONGBANGSUJU? *dies*

-BONUS (3 pics):

"he looks like the goal keeper playing football and scared it'll hit is you-know-what" ~ Katrina
"ROFL! HOW OOBER CUTE! Football! *aims*" ~ Me

*waves* i Aint seen that butt in ages
"Looks like his butt is pregnant" ~ mummy
My mum = so funny, its PREGNANT YOU KNOW! Gez that hilarious

Why do i want to be that rose?
"It should be in his mouth!" ~ Chrissie
ROFL! It should!!

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Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby

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Lauren Liu. 15. 29th March
Lee Sunny Xiah Junsu. Hero JaeJoong. Hankyung. Dongbangshinki Sonyuhshidae Superjunior
Simple Chinese fan of KPOP. What else will you need to know about me?:

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