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.Tuesday, 2 December 2008 ' 14:08

What's your IQ?
Free-IQTest.net - What's your IQ?

I IMPROVED I IMPROVED!!! i was below... 70 before and got 'retarded' so that lead to me getting a nickname of 'retarded pig' for 2 weeks or so...
Am i still stupid?

WOO.. Anyways Pi Li MIT Episode 4 was SO AWESOME!!
GuiLun <3

haha. NoKy are fricken HILARIOUSWITH THE HAHAHA CF... totally in love with the original and their version haha
Junsu swimming in the DBSK Vers. aND WOO NICE TO SEE jj ON TV For once.. i mean filming makes me only see YooSuMin >.<
I want all five *sings*
Anyways back on topic... On episode 27 In we got married.. going to miss JoongBo couple
On Episode 4 in wonder bakery.
Episode 7 in Factory Girl

Anything else? and yeah.. PROOF! I'MSMARTER THAN JUNSU'S 100 IQ haha.
He's dumber than daesung <3 so cute though
i miss watching family outing.. I'm too too too lazy to start working on Episode 11's translation.. too toooo toooooooo tired

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