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.Sunday, 14 December 2008 ' 06:18

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUNSU SABBANG!! (sabbang = huby in korea)

Woo your finally uh... i dunno how old you are; but ahyways HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Iyt's stil the 14th in korea right now. BUT In around 3 minutes you will turn.. hmm whatever your age is >.<

Oh yeah remember this; 6 more days until our 3 month aniversary. IM CHIENSE I DON'T KNOW ALL THESE KOREAN CLEBRATIONS. We ddin't celebrate our 100th day (whenever that way..) or our one month we will celebrate our.. 3rd month instead...

So many affairs i've had and you been jealous (continues in imagination)...

Woo so got bored and just.. happy birthday~:
Just some icons i made of boredom haha. and uhmm,. i will sing but i forgotten it already..
Alaso photobucket. login. upload. uploaded. mark. copy. paste

those were made for the birthday but.. these were made yesterday because they are for someone haha
PhotobucketPhotobucket(yes i turned his hat pink)Photobucket
PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket(oh damn what did i do in the middle one?)

damn i am so biased.. all is junsu >.< barely any yunho these days, i even put less than half his face

oh yeah i was gonna go all pervy with cherrily BUT in the end i went crazy:

click to enlarge it's HUUUUUUGE. and yes it was made to be dreaaaaaamy and liek dongbangheaven lol
I totall ylove my gay mind the part about junsu on the bed LMFAO!

Anyways.. back to some videos; AHH!! Jonghyun's solo stage was so awesome <3
At first it soudns so annoying but the 'hyena' part soudns great after 4 listens..

Totally fallen for kara's hyuri <3 so pretty in her little hat.
Oh and their song pretty girl or they say pUETTY girl is addictive.
CSJH The grace. Can't get enough of SM Towns concert in august the dance competition with stephanie!! <3
i REALLY CANNOT tell the difference between dana and lina.. but sunday and stephanie is good for me haha
Nothing much to spazz about. Watching Pi Li MIT Right now....
So far so good; just some youtube vids that you must watch lol.
NO BIAS IN THIS!! It's not in any order..
You raise me up live with Ye Eun (young girl no WG Ye Eun)

Wrong Number @ KBS Open Concert

Don't say goodbye @ KBS Open Concert

Noky Brothers' Cheer for Kim Yuna

DBSK HAHAHA Campaign Ad Making Film

MBC One Love Concert Wrong Number (jae looks good in sunglasseS)

DBSK Golden Disc Awards - Daesang Award (leader-sshi praying (?) for the award lol)

Golden Disk Awards - Are you a good girl + Mirotic

DBSK Golden Disk Awards - Yepp Inkisang

DBSK Golden Disk Awards - Disc Bonsang

If i count (not really) they got at least 19 awards this year beating the record of 18 in uhh.. 07 or 06 can't really remember. what a great year.

(did not recieve anything from GDA because they didn't attend. Don't attend, don't get anything)
(Gdragon) Fancam - Quiz Expedition

(GDragon) Fancam - Quiz Expedition

GDragon Fancam -Quiz Expedition

Music Bank Big Bang Sunset Glow + Dressing Room

Factory Girl behind the scenes 2

Hyoyeon Dance cut on Star King

081213 Performance street relaying news young girl


Pi Li MIT Ep 6:

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