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.Saturday, 3 January 2009 ' 07:02

Okay so everyone I'm not dead. I'm in fear instead. School is just around the corner and I'm freaking scared.
Like no revision. I didn't think the 2 weeks would past so fast full of shopping. Well as some may know I'm on hiatus at crunchyroll mainly because I'm angry. My anger colour is 100% red. I'm not even joking, they want me gone. I'll go for them. Ditching every single one of them and not going to click at all. I say I will live off soshified, I was really not joking.
Okay so for the past few weeks I've been a little crazy at soshified. Busy posting, clicking 'view new posts' every 2 minutes. Surprisingly, not really there is always something popping up. And I post which means I'm back to regaining my posts. Last year at the end of December I had around about 221 but originally would have been at least 400 because in the social lounge and online streaming doesn't count post coutns and I'm usually around the social lounge in a few threads:

1. So Nyuh Photos (I do post photos up from sosiz as well as snagging some)
2. So Nyuh Video Downloads (I click that place god knows how much times just downloading all day)
3. Soshisubs Downloads Area (I really rely on this thread a lot.)
4. Sunny (써니) (The place where you find me the most. I'm stuck there daily. From 139 threads I and ahjeeya rapidly turned it to 147.)
5. So Nyuh Discussions (Voting in polls... Talking about stuff a lot, Just somewhere I like but not that much)
6. So Nyuh News (Pretty much the place I visited a lot but at the top of the layout it has 'recent news' so saves time to keep clicking)
7. Soshi pairings (The yulsic thread i'm a silent reader and as for the thread I post in lots probably is the sunyeon thread: Sunny and Taeyeon)
8. Fanfics (God damnit, how much have I read this week? Around about 5. Yulsic <3)
9. Social Lounge (Come on the BoA thread is amajjing also the Chinese S♥NE tread and HK Chinese S♥NE are all my spammed areas)

So yeah pretty much busy posting. Current posts: 331 (2.43 per day) Amajjing right? Bery Good Yo' Lauren

Icons from 'Mai as my Christmas present.
Sunny banner has credits at the bottom
As for the sunny button was made by me.


I'm totally a S♥NE now. Completly 100%

I totally died laughing at this. DNBN ans are currently raging with jealousy It's so hilarious. Check out the responses below:

There's also this which I circled.. so cute these two:

Here's what the rage is about:

See it much? JaeJoong apparently has his hand around her wasit. Oh purlease, get over it. The dude wants a woman and finally there isn't sprawning over him like a moron he;s taking advantage. Plus he's getting squished, that's his excuse.

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Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby

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