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.Monday, 13 April 2009 ' 17:59

I need to post something.. it's been 2 weeks? iono. ROFL! I'm tired of lagging PCS ROFL! I'm changing my layout soon because I'm bored of this one.. I'm just too lazy etc.

Anywaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays. *dies*

I am just.. super duper ooper luper tuper obsessed with hyunjoong to the point iono if I can ever love junsu again...
although, i didn't get a good laugh outa it.

I'm watching YAMD and I never did focus so I got quite far and now I'm focusing im just downloading episode 30. HECK I LOVE IT <3 I'm dyyyyyyyyyyyyyying for CINDERELLA MAN and Ock Ju Hyun (Former FINK.L member) sang an awesome OST for it.

End of life ramble. 6 days till school.

Staying over @ my boyfriends house today. Life sucks;


Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby

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